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Changes in Chivas' lineup to face Juárez

01/07/2022 18:47 / Enrique Noriega

After the bad news generated by the injury to José Juan Macías, Ricardo Cadena was forced to modify Chivas' lineup for their Apertura 2022 debut against los Bravos de Juárez. Keep reading to find out who was chosen by the red-and-white coach to complete the list of 22 players selected for this Saturday.

What's new in the lineup?

- Chevy' Martínez will take JJ's place on the list of eligible players.

- Alan Mozo and 'Oso' González are ready to be used from the start of Day 1.

- Omar Mireles is called up for the first time for a League match with Guadalajara.

Worthy of mention to point out that Chivas has several absentees in addition to the red and white striker, Sergio Flores, Isaac Brizuela and Jesús Molina are in the rehabilitation process after their respective injuries.

Chivas' lineup for the match against FC Juárez:

Goalkeepers: Miguel Jiménez, Raúl Rangel.

Defenders: Hiram Mier, Luis Olivas, Gilberto Orozco, Antonio Briseño, Luis Olivas, Jesús Sánchez, Alan Mozo, Omar Mireles, Cristian Calderón, Miguel Ponce.

Midfield: Eduardo Torres, Fernando Beltran, Ruben Gonzalez, Roberto Alvarado, Pavel Perez, Carlos Cisneros.

Forwards: Alexis Vega, Ángel Zaldívar, Paolo Yrizar, Sebastián Martínez.


Position Teams Matches Points
14 9 8
15 9 8
16 8 8
17 8 6
18 9 4

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